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Asian Faces and Asian Makeups - Summer Asian Bridal Makeup

Asian Faces and Asian Makeups - Summer Asian Bridal Makeup

DIY Tips for Creating a Flawless, Bridal Look

This summer calls for fresh, light makeup that reflects the spirit of summer, complimented with pastel shades that match this year's hottest fashions. Asians can apply these trends subtly into their bridal makeup for a flawless, clean look. If you are looking for summer Asian bridal makeup, these suggestions will give you a polished, effortlessly timeless look.

Beautiful by Alex Tirado.

Asian Bridal Foundation for Summer
In earlier years brides blushed, painted, and flashed their faces with bronzers for that deep, bronzed look. Not this summer, though. Pale, liquid foundations are now utilized by all makeup professionals, including wedding makeup artists.

Tip: Create the perfect bridal look for summer by choosing a liquid foundation with a satin or dewy finish. Choose foundations with a yellow base; it compliments Asian skin tones. This summer calls for light, airy foundations that closely matches your skin tone, so use only a little bit, just enough to cover the face.

Green Eyes by KATHY_TRAN.

Best choice: My favorite foundation for this summer is MAC's Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation. It is a light, creamy makeup that blends easily into Asian skin. It also comes in several tones that complement darker and lighter Asian skin tones.

Asian Bridal Eyeliner for Summer
Bridal makeup this summer calls for light eyeliner that widens the eyes. You only want to use eyeliner to define the top eyelid, giving the illusion of brighter, bigger eyes. Make sure to accentuate your features, not overpower them, for an effortless, easy-to-manage bridal look for summer.

Application: Apply a thin line of black eyeliner to the upper lid, just enough to coat it. Thicken the application at the end to accentuate the curve of the eye.

Tip: Stay away from liquid makeup this time. Many makeup crayons offer the same coverage as liquid makeup.

Candy Studio (1) by hikaru_sim85.

Best choice: My favorite pick this summer is Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, available in several shades. It has a strong, creamy base that dries to a perfect finish, making it a perfect choice for Asians. It is a simple bridal eyeliner that can hold even in the hottest weather.

Asian Bridal Eyeshadow for Summer
Peachy, pastel colors are hot this summer. Many wedding makeup artists are incorporating subtle, pastel makeup for all brides this season. A light, cream-based eyeshadow blends in easily with Asian skin tones, enhancing the flatter curves of Asian eyes.

Sharon Actual Day(2) by hikaru_sim85.

Tip: Choose a creamy, silky eyeshadow with a slightly shimmery finish. This adds a bit of bridal shine. Matte shades look dull on Asian skin.

Best choice:Dior's 5-Color Eyeshadow (Petal Shine) offers several delicious, pastel shades that go on smooth and subtly add color around the eyes. Another bonus for Asians: it makes the eyes look bigger. Smooth it around the curve of the eye for a fresh finish.

Melissa & Alfred Actual Day (2) by hikaru_sim85.
General Tips for Asian Brides This Summer
I have several recommendations for bridal makeup this summer. First, always—and I mean always—go light with your makeup. Enhance your natural features instead of creating it with makeup. Creating features with makeup never looks good. I also recommend sticking with shades with subtle yellow undertones so it blends easily with your skin. Stick with these types for perfect summer Asian bridal makeup.

Asian Faces and Asian Makeups - Summer Asian Bridal Makeup

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Asian Make up - Holy Grail of Mascaras for Asian Eyelashes

Asian Make up - Holy Grail of Mascaras for Asian Eyelashes

As a make-up savvy mom, I have been trying my best to find my Holy Grail of Mascaras. So far I have tried Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara, which was great, but then hard to remove. I have tried Too Faced Lash Injection which was fine if I had a special occasion to go to and 10 minutes to wash and pry the stuff off of my eyelashes.

Then I tried Bourjois Yes to Volume, which said "No" and left my short, and sparse asian eyelashes heavy and stubby. Yesterday, I went back to Ulta to exchange the cute black and fuchsia tube for Urban Decays SkyScraper Lashes. Which was the worst mascara I have ever used. I tried so hard to get it onto my lashes, but it wouldn't stick. I was left with black flakes under my eyes and I felt like I had just broke up with Marilyn Manson.

Miss China Europe Finals Make-up Test. by Wesley Oostvogels.

So I am still out there, searching for the perfect Mascara for my asian eyelashes. Something light but promising, and a product that doesn't contain tar. I will try my luck at Sephora, especially since the Sales Associate at Ulta was so snobby and mean, I actually boycotted them for a couple months. I tried looking online for the perfesct mascara, and I came across Mary Quant, unfortunately this was THE perfect mascara, but just my luck, it was only in Japan! I heard about Shu Uemura and Fresh Vital mascara, but I still have to give those guys a try...

British Asian Fashion by worshipbeer.

I am actually so desperate to get some lashes going before summer my fiancee has even looked into the magic eyelash enhancer in one of the Airline Catalogs that he had picked up. I feel so inadequate, almost with a feeling of impotenet lashes, I almost feel like I will never achieve those long, lush, and luxurious feel of Carmen Electra lashes on my eyes. Okay, I am going to get that Lash-O-Glory thinkgamajigger for these wimpy things...

crying looking make up by Yu'an.

I did it, and boy oh boy, nothing seems to work. I am going to just rub olive oil on these lashes and cross my fingers because I don't know what to do anymore. When I was 10, I remember one of my grade school friends with thick and almost featherlike lashes, then again she would've looked like those Telenovela girls with the black, fluffy eyelashes, since she was a Hispanic...She had told me to rub fish oil in them....hmmm, maybe not a bad idea, or is it?

touch up by twoanthonycortes.

I guess I will go beyond nature and get the lash extensions that I have been begging my fiancee for. He will be enjoying them too, I hope.

Asian Bridal by worshipbeer.

Asian Make up - Holy Grail of Mascaras for Asian Eyelashes

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Asian faces - How to Apply Eye Make Up for Asians

Asian faces - How to Apply Eye Make Up for Asians

With These Tips You'll Find There's a Whole New Way to Apply Your Make Up

I have been using this method for a very long time, and it's done me wonders. You'll need a foundation brush, a foundation which matches your skin tone, concealer, shimmery beige eyeshadow, dark brown eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, black pencil eyeliner, lip gloss, mascara, and a shimmery white eyeshadow.

Make-up Before Sunset by Photography by Ashes.

First, apply your concealer to any areas that are blemished. If the areas around your mouth are darker than the rest of your skin, apply concealer there as well. After applying your concealer, rub it in very slightly, then go over the concealer with your foundation using your foundation brush. It's a lot more effective to use a brush rather than a sponge because a brush gives the foundation a more natural, smooth look. If you do use a sponge, then slightly wet the sponge before applying your foundation because it will smooth our your make up (this will do you wonders).

Next, take your eyeshadow brush, rub it in the shimmery beige eyeshadow and apply it smoothly to your eyelid. It's very important to make it very bold. For this effect, eyeshadow from MAC would be great.

After you apply the beige eyeshadow, take the same brush (if you're like me, you're too cheap to buy another brush) and rub it on the back of your hand until all the color is out of the brush. Take the dark brown eyeshadow and very carefully, just rub on the tip of the brush. After you have done this, it is now time for the most important step. Take your finger and feel around the edge of your eye until you find a crease. You should be able to feel it directly under your actual brow bone. Once you have located this crease, take the brush with the eyeshadow on it, and work your way onto the crease, and then around the crease on the edge of your eye. Make sure it's not too dark, because the make up effect will just have been completely ruined. After you have done this, wipe away the color on the brush by rubbing it on the back of your hand. Then take the shimmery white eyeshadow and apply it onto your browbone for an effect that will make it seem that your browbone protrudes more than it actually does.

Take your black liquid eyeliner and very carefully apply it on your upper lid, directly above your eyelash line. After apply it and waiting until it has dried, take your black pencil eyeliner and apply it under your eye in a very thin line.
After that, take your mascara and simply apply one coat of mascara onto both your top AND bottom lashes. You can curl your lashes also, I just choose not to because my lashes are long enough, not to mention curling your lashes are pretty painful.

Make-up Before Sunset by Photography by Ashes.

Lastly, apply your lip gloss, and yo're good to go.

Asian faces - How to Apply Eye Make Up for Asians

Asian Make up - How to Date Asian Women

Asian Make up - How to Date Asian Women

Before I get started I first want to say that I've spent years online looking for material on how to date Asian women and I've read several books from the so called experts but never found the true answer. Furthermore, the last thing I need is an Asian guy telling me how to date Asian women because he doesn't face the barriers us white and black guys have to overcome. Simply put what works for him doesn't necessarily work for us. This article is to teach "Western Men" how to date Asian women.

Make up new look 2008-8-30 by Miaoaim2008.

I don't like to think of myself as a Casanova or even a Playboy, quite simply put, I'm nothing more than a good salesman. This being said, all men are born salesman and we have all closed that ultimate deal! Its only a natural talent that all men have, our hormones drive the gears in our brains that start calculating how we can close the deal. What I mean is that every mans' first real closing was the first time they had sex. Most of us pitched and marketed ourselves for countless hours and relentlessly persuade our prospect til finally they bought it and the commission was PAID IN FULL! Some pulled it off behind the bleachers at school or in their parents bed but like most, I closed my first deal in the backseat of my car.

Make up new look 2008-8-30 by Miaoaim2008.

I became very good at this and even formed my own little strategy that seemed to last through the years. As I got older and wiser so did the girls and my strategy had to keep up. My skills seemed to advance just fine until one day I tried it on an Asian girl and hit a brick wall. That's when I learned, that no matter how sweet and beautiful these girls are, when it comes to giving the "cold shoulder" they are the coldest! Asian girls have shot me down so quick and so hard that it has bruised my ego for weeks. I even had moments where I thought that I would never try to talk to an Asian women again. I had to face it, in all my glory I just didn't know how to date Asian women.

Make up series Part two by ecec01.

In my adulthood I've had the pleasure of taking several business assignments in Asia and have spent years working and traveling to several Asian countries including India, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Singapore. I had no choice, either stay home every night with my bottle of lotion or learn how to date Asian women. It took time to adjust my techniques but now anywhere in the world I go I seem to be a true Asian magnet.

Asian Make up - How to Date Asian Women

Miss China Europe Finals Make-up Test. by Wesley Oostvogels.

Asian faces and Smiles - Top 5 Asian Adventure Travel Destinations

Asian faces and Smiles - Top 5 Asian Adventure Travel Destinations

Asia is home to fascinating cultures, ancient sites and an abundance of adventure travel opportunities. From wildlife watching to biking and trekking there is something here to suit everyone. Perhaps the most visited is South-East Asia, with some of the friendliest people, best beaches, most dramatic scenery and most amazing food in the world, it's no wonder that South East Asia keeps us coming back for more.

New travellers to the region are rewarded with opportunities to try many new activities, such as hill tribe trekking, diving on a coral reef or kayaking by limestone pinnacles, whilst those on a repeat trip will always find something new to see such as Angkor Wat or lovely, laid back Luang Prabang.

However, for the ultimate Asian adventure travel opportunities you can also visit Central Asia with its off the beaten track adventures, North-East Asia with its dramatic landscapes and colourful South Asia.

Below are some of the top Asian adventure travel destinations:

See orang-utans in Malaysia - Set in the lush 4,300-hectare Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve, the Sepilok Orang-utan Sanctuary attracts travellers and researchers alike, giving them the opportunity to get face to face with orang-utans up close in their natural habitat. A boardwalk leads you to a viewing gallery and feeding platform where the apes are fed milk and bananas twice a day by rangers. Feeding time also attracts long-tailed macaques to the area.

Geisha make up. by SATAN's.

Explore Angkor Wat - There are countless temples at Angkor but some of the main one of course, is Angkor Wat itself, regarded as the masterpiece of Khmer architecture; the walled city of Angkor Thom; The Baphoun, an 11th century temple with a 131 ft reclining Buddha; the Bayon, famous for its superb bas reliefs and mysterious faces and Ta Prohm, still cloaked in jungle

Volunteer in Borneo - Immerse yourself in the culture and live and work with the local communities and wildlife of Malaysia.

MAC make-up by mariacaridad.
my best friend loves make-up, especially MAC. sometimes i let her put make-up on me take photos of me for her portfolio.

photo by: hope

Cycle in Vietnam - 30,000,000 Vietnamese can't be wrong - handle-bar height gives you the best view of Vietnam. Cycling through this beautiful country provides opportunities to meet the local people and experience the local culture in a way that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Swim with whale sharks in the Philippines - Swimming with a whale shark, locally known as Butanding (scientific name: Rhincodon typus) is the epitome of wildlife encounters - an experience of a lifetime, an experience not to be missed! The sheer size of the largest fish in the ocean will start your adrenaline pumping.

make up series 1 by ecec01.

With so much on offer it is little wonder visitors return to this part of the world many times over!

Asian faces and Smiles - Top 5 Asian Adventure Travel Destinations

make up series 1 by ecec01.

Make up new look( green & purple eye shadow )2008-8-30 by Miaoaim2008.

beautiful Asian face - Asian Beauty Secrets

beautiful Asian face - Asian Beauty Secrets

Natural, delicate, with a shiny hair and a flawless skin, Asian women are a true example of beauty. Uncover their secrets and learn special skin care techniques!

Skin care ritual

Surely you have admired at least once the smooth perfect skin of an Asian woman. Want to know their secret? Facial massage, deep cleansing and intensive moisturizing are daily care rules. The mornings, they wash the skin with a flaking soap based on algae, massage it gently with a cream for activating blood flow and maintaining elasticity, then give a smooth aspect using a mat effect cream. The evenings, they cleanse the face skin with a foamy product, apply plugs with green tea, which have an antioxidant and purifying role, and then they moisturize the skin intensely.

For daily hair care

Shiny healthy hair is another characteristic of the beautiful Asian women. For maintaining its shine, they brush it every evening with a wooden comb and massage it in the bath with emollient nourishing oils.

3493265503_e85dd9a681.jpg (333×500)

The bath - a time for spoiling

For Japanese women, the bath has not only a cleaning purpose, but is a complex ritual of skin care, purifying and relaxing, based on several stages. First, the impurities and the dead cells are removed, and the blood flow is activated by exfoliation: a massage of the skin while under the shower, using a special bath glove and a special exfoliating gel. Then it's the main bath, which has to contain careful chosen nourishing ingredients and very fine aromas: soy milk, sandalwood oil, marine salts, rice water and cherry flowers. The water temperature should be a little higher than usual, about 38-39 degrees Celsius. To respect the original formula, make yourself a cherries or green tea that you savor during the bath. After 15 or 20 minutes of relaxing in the water, put on a cotton bath robe and stay 10 minutes in the bed, under a blanket. Then apply on the skin 2 layers of body butter enriched with almond oil.

3537538252_2d3c7bd68c.jpg (500×375)

Asian wonder ingredient

Rice flour has nourishing properties, protects and regenerates the skin, absorbs the sebum excess and purifies the derma. Make yourself a mask for the face using a spoon of rice flour and a little milk. Spread it on the face, avoiding the eyes area, and cleanse after 5-10 minutes.

Lotus extract is rich in moisturizing agents and it's a perfect remedy for dry skin and dry fragile hair. You find it in many beauty products today, from night serums to hair balms or nourishing body creams.

Green tea is a natural antioxidant that's extremely appreciated worldwide, especially in China, for its strong anti-aging properties. Offers the skin a nice fresh aspect, and invigorates and exhilarates the skin instantly. Apply in the evening plugs with green tea or use it as ice cubes for wrinkles removing.

Cherry flowers has a calming effect on the skin, when combined with moisturizing ingredients, while it's delicate aroma will leave your skin special perfume.

White tea has an exfoliating effect, improves the cellular metabolism, gives vitality to the skin and helps with the natural rejuvenation. Add a cup of white tea in your bathwater and your skin will shine!