Saturday, September 5, 2009

Asian Faces and Asian Makeups - Summer Asian Bridal Makeup

Asian Faces and Asian Makeups - Summer Asian Bridal Makeup

DIY Tips for Creating a Flawless, Bridal Look

This summer calls for fresh, light makeup that reflects the spirit of summer, complimented with pastel shades that match this year's hottest fashions. Asians can apply these trends subtly into their bridal makeup for a flawless, clean look. If you are looking for summer Asian bridal makeup, these suggestions will give you a polished, effortlessly timeless look.

Beautiful by Alex Tirado.

Asian Bridal Foundation for Summer
In earlier years brides blushed, painted, and flashed their faces with bronzers for that deep, bronzed look. Not this summer, though. Pale, liquid foundations are now utilized by all makeup professionals, including wedding makeup artists.

Tip: Create the perfect bridal look for summer by choosing a liquid foundation with a satin or dewy finish. Choose foundations with a yellow base; it compliments Asian skin tones. This summer calls for light, airy foundations that closely matches your skin tone, so use only a little bit, just enough to cover the face.

Green Eyes by KATHY_TRAN.

Best choice: My favorite foundation for this summer is MAC's Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation. It is a light, creamy makeup that blends easily into Asian skin. It also comes in several tones that complement darker and lighter Asian skin tones.

Asian Bridal Eyeliner for Summer
Bridal makeup this summer calls for light eyeliner that widens the eyes. You only want to use eyeliner to define the top eyelid, giving the illusion of brighter, bigger eyes. Make sure to accentuate your features, not overpower them, for an effortless, easy-to-manage bridal look for summer.

Application: Apply a thin line of black eyeliner to the upper lid, just enough to coat it. Thicken the application at the end to accentuate the curve of the eye.

Tip: Stay away from liquid makeup this time. Many makeup crayons offer the same coverage as liquid makeup.

Candy Studio (1) by hikaru_sim85.

Best choice: My favorite pick this summer is Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, available in several shades. It has a strong, creamy base that dries to a perfect finish, making it a perfect choice for Asians. It is a simple bridal eyeliner that can hold even in the hottest weather.

Asian Bridal Eyeshadow for Summer
Peachy, pastel colors are hot this summer. Many wedding makeup artists are incorporating subtle, pastel makeup for all brides this season. A light, cream-based eyeshadow blends in easily with Asian skin tones, enhancing the flatter curves of Asian eyes.

Sharon Actual Day(2) by hikaru_sim85.

Tip: Choose a creamy, silky eyeshadow with a slightly shimmery finish. This adds a bit of bridal shine. Matte shades look dull on Asian skin.

Best choice:Dior's 5-Color Eyeshadow (Petal Shine) offers several delicious, pastel shades that go on smooth and subtly add color around the eyes. Another bonus for Asians: it makes the eyes look bigger. Smooth it around the curve of the eye for a fresh finish.

Melissa & Alfred Actual Day (2) by hikaru_sim85.
General Tips for Asian Brides This Summer
I have several recommendations for bridal makeup this summer. First, always—and I mean always—go light with your makeup. Enhance your natural features instead of creating it with makeup. Creating features with makeup never looks good. I also recommend sticking with shades with subtle yellow undertones so it blends easily with your skin. Stick with these types for perfect summer Asian bridal makeup.

Asian Faces and Asian Makeups - Summer Asian Bridal Makeup

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Asian Make up - Holy Grail of Mascaras for Asian Eyelashes

Asian Make up - Holy Grail of Mascaras for Asian Eyelashes

As a make-up savvy mom, I have been trying my best to find my Holy Grail of Mascaras. So far I have tried Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara, which was great, but then hard to remove. I have tried Too Faced Lash Injection which was fine if I had a special occasion to go to and 10 minutes to wash and pry the stuff off of my eyelashes.

Then I tried Bourjois Yes to Volume, which said "No" and left my short, and sparse asian eyelashes heavy and stubby. Yesterday, I went back to Ulta to exchange the cute black and fuchsia tube for Urban Decays SkyScraper Lashes. Which was the worst mascara I have ever used. I tried so hard to get it onto my lashes, but it wouldn't stick. I was left with black flakes under my eyes and I felt like I had just broke up with Marilyn Manson.

Miss China Europe Finals Make-up Test. by Wesley Oostvogels.

So I am still out there, searching for the perfect Mascara for my asian eyelashes. Something light but promising, and a product that doesn't contain tar. I will try my luck at Sephora, especially since the Sales Associate at Ulta was so snobby and mean, I actually boycotted them for a couple months. I tried looking online for the perfesct mascara, and I came across Mary Quant, unfortunately this was THE perfect mascara, but just my luck, it was only in Japan! I heard about Shu Uemura and Fresh Vital mascara, but I still have to give those guys a try...

British Asian Fashion by worshipbeer.

I am actually so desperate to get some lashes going before summer my fiancee has even looked into the magic eyelash enhancer in one of the Airline Catalogs that he had picked up. I feel so inadequate, almost with a feeling of impotenet lashes, I almost feel like I will never achieve those long, lush, and luxurious feel of Carmen Electra lashes on my eyes. Okay, I am going to get that Lash-O-Glory thinkgamajigger for these wimpy things...

crying looking make up by Yu'an.

I did it, and boy oh boy, nothing seems to work. I am going to just rub olive oil on these lashes and cross my fingers because I don't know what to do anymore. When I was 10, I remember one of my grade school friends with thick and almost featherlike lashes, then again she would've looked like those Telenovela girls with the black, fluffy eyelashes, since she was a Hispanic...She had told me to rub fish oil in them....hmmm, maybe not a bad idea, or is it?

touch up by twoanthonycortes.

I guess I will go beyond nature and get the lash extensions that I have been begging my fiancee for. He will be enjoying them too, I hope.

Asian Bridal by worshipbeer.

Asian Make up - Holy Grail of Mascaras for Asian Eyelashes